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NCX pipes are a true testament to Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship. NCX has a rich history of racing both on and off road. The pipes they create are born and forged with racing in mind. The products they make are the embodiment of their passion for this sport which is motorcycle racing. Superb quality, very good price, deep solid sound, and unparalleled performance.

All NCX Pipes can be made for all kinds of bike models.(For Underbones & Scooters)Honda Wave 110 & 125, Honda Wave Dash, Honda XRM 110 & 125, Yamaha MIO,Yamaha Sniper 135, Suzuki Raider 150, Honda XR200, Kawasaki Rouser 200, etc.They can also make pipes for Big Bikes and Motocross Bikes.

They also make pipes specially made to fit any kind of motorcycle. We can make pipes for any bike and any level of tune that it is in. We can make special pipes for Highly Tuned race bikes.

All pipes are made with high quality stainless steel and specially machined components.

NCX Exhaust Pipes are the official pipes used by the Honda Motor World Racing Team which competes all over the country.

Main Branch: 032-4203339, 032-5167287
NCX Exhaust Systems Plaridel St. Mandaue City

( Right side after Tita Gwapa Store, before Total Gas Station)

Online Sales:

NCX 2011 Full Product Line

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

NCX Product Line - Sound Demo Videos

NCX T4 Pipe (Honda XR200) - Carbon Fiber Canister Chrome Tip

NCX T4 Pipe (Honda CRF250) - Silver Canister, Silver Tip

NCX T4 Pipe (Honda XRM125) - Silver Canister, Silver Tip

NCX T4 Pro Pipe, t4 Pro Pipe, T4 :Pro Pipe

NCX Product Line - Pipes Group A


Product Code: NCX-001

Product Code: NCX-002

Product Code: NCX-003

Product Code: NCX-004

Product Code: NCX-005

Product Code: NCX-006

Product Code: NCX-007

NCX T4 Pro Pipe, t4 Pro Pipe, T4 :Pro Pipe

How to Order

Feel free to contact us: (We Accept Individual or Wholesale
Inquiries and Orders)

Arnel B. Santos-Ynigo : NCX Online Sales Agent
email: arnelsantosynigo@gmail.com
cell phone: 09286754465
lan line: 4107009

Payments can be sent via Western Union Quick Cash

All Pipes are sent via Air21 door to door delivery.

1. Please send Payments via Western Union Quick Cash in the
morning so that we can ship the pipes earlier in the afternoon via Air21.
Air21 Cut-off is 4:00 PM, so we ship between 1:00-3:00pm. Pipes will arrive at
your doorstep after 2 days.
2. After you have sent your payment via Western Union Quick Cash, please text
the MTCN Number right away so we can confirm it. Once we have received
payment we shall inform you via text message and ship the pipes right away
you will then text you the Air21 tracking number which you can monitor online.

Please use the product codes from our products catalogue,
then specify the bike model for your inquiries and orders.
Example: NCX-008 for Honda XRM125

NCX T4 Pro Pipe, t4 Pro Pipe, T4 :Pro Pipe